The Reason to clean your roof

Why roof cleaning is a big deal

February 01, 20231 min read


Black streaks on shingle roofs are often caused by the growth of algae known as Gloeocapsa Magma. This type of algae thrives in warm, humid environments and feeds on the minerals in the roof shingles. The streaks are harmful to the structure of the roof and can give an unsightly appearance. To remove the streaks, roof cleaning products specifically designed to kill the algae can be used. Regular maintenance and cleaning can also help to prevent future streaks.

Roof Cleaning and Why


Cleaning a shingle roof regularly can improve its lifespan and appearance. It can also help prevent the growth of moss, algae, and other organic matter that can damage the shingles and reduce the roof's ability to shed water. A clean roof can also improve the overall appearance of the house and enhance curb appeal. Additionally, regular roof cleaning can help identify and address any potential roof damage before it becomes a bigger issue.


Softwashing is a low-pressure cleaning method that uses a specialized solution and a gentle spray to clean a variety of surfaces, including roofs, siding, decks, and sidewalks. Unlike pressure washing, which uses high-pressure water to blast away dirt and grime, softwashing relies on the chemical action of the solution to break down and remove the dirt, mildew, and other contaminants. The low-pressure spray allows the solution to penetrate deep into the surface being cleaned, providing a more thorough and effective cleaning. Softwashing is typically used for more delicate surfaces, such as shingle roofs or painted siding, that might be damaged by high-pressure water. It is also a more environmentally friendly option, as the solution is typically biodegradable and contains fewer harsh chemicals than traditional cleaning methods.

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