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Welcome to Rivertown Pro Wash's Paver Cleaning, Sanding, and Sealing Services in Myrtle Beach!

Are you tired of looking at dirty, stained, and discolored pavers on your property? Our team at Rivertown Pro Wash has the solution for you. We offer professional and efficient paver cleaning, sanding, and sealing services for residential and commercial properties in the Myrtle Beach area.

Our paver cleaning service will remove dirt, grime, and stains from your pavers, making them look new. We use state-of-the-art equipment and eco-friendly cleaning solutions to ensure that your pavers are thoroughly cleaned without causing any damage.

In addition to cleaning, we also offer to sand and sealing services. Sanding is essential to maintaining the integrity of your pavers and ensuring they stay in great shape for years to come. Our team will remove any unevenness and fill in gaps between pavers, leaving them smooth and level.

Finally, sealing your pavers is crucial in protecting them from the elements and preventing stains and discoloration. Our sealant will also enhance the color of your pavers and give them a glossy finish.

Don't let dirty and unsightly pavers ruin the look of your property. Trust the experts at Rivertown Pro Wash to bring new life to your pavers with our professional cleaning, sanding, and sealing services.

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At Rivertown Pro Wash, we understand that your time is valuable. That's why we offer a range of tailored pressure washing packages to meet your specific needs and preferences, so you can sit back, relax, and let us handle all the hard work. Our team is dedicated to delivering impressive results quickly and efficiently, leaving you with a hassle-free experience. Whether it's a one-time job or a regular maintenance plan, you can trust us to take care of all the details and leave your property looking brand new. You won't have to lift a finger with us – sit back and enjoy the transformation.on.


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What are the benefits of paver cleaning, sanding, and sealing?

Paver cleaning, sanding and sealing in Myrtle Beach offer a number of benefits. It can restore the beauty of faded pavers by removing algae, moss and mildew buildup. Sanding can help fill any cracks or voids, while sealers act as a barrier against future damage from weather and UV rays. The result is an attractive outdoor space in Myrtle Beach that's safe to walk on and easy to maintain.

Are there any prep or maintenance steps that need to be done before cleaning and sealing the pavers?

Cleaning and sealing your pavers can be a great way to keep them looking bright and beautiful for years to come. However, some preparatory and maintenance steps must be taken before beginning the process.

Here's what you need to do:

1. Clear away any debris or dirt on the surface of the pavers - this includes weeds, leaves, and any build-up of dirt or grime.

2. Use a pressure washer on a low setting to remove any remaining traces of dirt from the surface of the pavers.

3. Allow the pavers time to dry completely before proceeding.

4. Once all prep work is complete, we can start cleaning and sealing your pavers!

Is sanding necessary when cleaning and sealing pavers?

Sanding is not always necessary when cleaning and sealing pavers. However, in most cases, it may be beneficial to sand the paver surface prior to applying a sealant. This can help fill in any small cracks or irregularities that could cause water to penetrate and damage the underlying material.

Sanding can also give the finished product a more professional look. In any case, it is generally recommended to follow the manufacturer's instructions regarding any necessary cleaning and preparation prior to applying sealant. As always, a professional should be consulted when tackling complex projects such as paver sealing.

Rivertown Pro wash offers competitive rates and a wide range of services to meet your needs. Contact us for a quote today.

Do I need to stay off the pavers after the service?

Yes, you should avoid walking or driving on the pavers for approximately 24 hours after installation. This will give enough time for the pavers to settle into place and form a strong bond with the underlying gravel base. Additionally, it is important to keep off any newly installed edging as well in order to prevent damage before it has had time to dry. If you must drive or walk on newly sealed pavers, be sure to do so carefully and avoid making sharp turns that could cause the pavers to shift out of place. Finally, it is recommended that any heavy vehicles or objects stay off the pavers for at least 48-72 hours after installation.

What is your pricing for paver cleaning, sanding and sealing in Myrtle Beach?

At Rivertown Pro Wash, we offer competitive pricing for paver cleaning, sanding, and sealing in Myrtle Beach. Our prices vary depending on the size of the area that needs to be cleaned, sanded, and sealed.

For small areas, such as a patio or small walkway, our prices start at $500. For larger areas, such as a pool deck or driveway, our prices start at $1,000.

In addition to the size of the area, other factors such as the condition of the pavers and the type of sealant used can also impact the final cost. We will provide you with a detailed estimate after conducting a thorough assessment of your specific needs.

We understand the importance of maintaining the appearance and longevity of your pavers, and we are committed to providing top-quality service at a fair price. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and get a personalized quote for your paver cleaning, sanding, and sealing needs in Myrtle Beach.

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